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Is Your Domain Name Worth A Lot of Money? Coupons and More.

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6 Things You Own That Are Worth a Lot of Money

1. Your Domain Name?

If you own a domain name (or in our case, many domain names), you may be sitting on a gold mine. Domain investors will pay big money for a domain name that has these qualities: older, has lots of links pointing to it, and has a catchy name. If you registered yours early and it’s one word, like ‘’, then of course you could be a millionaire already. But if you don’t, that’s okay. There’s ways to assess this:

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While domain names are pretty cheap to register, frequently costing below $1 if you use the right domain promotional code, domain names with age and authority are quite valuable.

First, you should check It will analyze and give you a ‘domain rating’, which is a number between 1 and 100. 1 is for brand-new websites, and 100 is for big sites like the New York Times. Anything about 30 and you’re in the ball game.

Except if you’re a local business. Say, you’re a plumber in Boise, Idaho and have a website. That would be valuable to other plumbers, and local SEO companies in the Idaho area. Even though it doesn’t have a high domain rating, if your website is authoritative enough to attract the right kind of customers, it will be valuable to somebody.

More Ways You Might Have a Lot of Money Already:

A great quantity of items are thrown out every year: old toys, broken things and commodities that have become boring and unused. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of items end up being thrown away or sold at yard sales for pennies on the dollar. Here are five things you may own that are worth a lot more money than you thought.

2: Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid cameras are worth quite a bit of money, depending mainly on what kind of model you have. Due to the rise in popularity of vintage cameras, and of photographers wanting to capture the old Polaroid camera look, these cameras have retained their value surprisingly well. Most of the Polaroid 600s sell for $40 or more. This of course is dependent on condition and other factors. They can be sold online, and despite their weight, do not cost much to ship. If you have an old Polaroid in decent condition, you should wait until Christmas to sell it. Usually the prices on Polaroids go up at that time, because they are being bought as gifts for friends and family.

3: Legos

Legos hold great value all the time and they can be sold by the pound. Legos usually sell at $20 a pound and the Lego Minifigures can fetch between $5 and $10 per figure. Sometimes you can get more money for them if you can sort by color or set, but you can also lump them all together and get a fair price on Ebay. One thing to keep in mind when selling Legos is that you have to check to make sure they are all official Legos. Buyers do not like finding Mega Bloks or a different brand of building blocks in what they buy. Legos seem to be the most-favored building block of choice.

4: Old Video Games.

Old video games are surprisingly high-value collectors’ items, mainly purchased by adults wanting to relive their childhood. Old video games are priced according to condition, demand and supply. If you have any video games you should look up the prices before selling them; some can be worth anywhere as much as $300. The older Nintendo games seem to carry the most value on average, but there can be a gem in any collection; even if you have Playstation games instead, you should do research to see what they’re truly worth.

5: Vinyl Records.

Vinyl records are more difficult to gauge values on. Most records are not worth much, but some can be worth $20 to $60. The interesting thing is that vinyl records are coming back into popularity and are considered to produce superior sound quality. This is causing the prices of vinyl records to rise.

6: Sony Walkmans.

These CD players and cassette players can be worth a large amount of money. All of Sony’s items are worth a price check. That old CD player that you were going to sell in a yard sale can easily be worth $40 or more. Some Sony headsets can be sold online for $70. One of the most valuable older Sony items is the Sony TPS-L2, a cassette player that has risen in value to $300 or more. The TPS-L2 is worth that much in part because of Guardians of the Galaxy. The protagonist of that movie used that same Sony Walkman, which has turned it into a rare and valuable icon to many collectors.

You may own all or none of these things in your home, but each can be worth a surprising amount of money. Look up the prices of your belongings online before selling or getting rid of them, because you may strike gold the next time you are about to throw something away.

Flipping Domains

The Difference Between Website and Domain Flipping

The Difference Between Website and Domain Flipping

While you probably already know about flipping websites for profit, you may not be as familiar with flipping domains.  When you flip a website, normally the domain is included in the sale.  Domain flipping is different in that you just sell the domain with no accompanying website to go along with it. Sometimes you can even get lucky and register a domain rebate along with a hosting package that ends up selling for profit! While you may be skeptical there are some domains out there that sell for thousands of dollars.

What Makes a Profitable Domain

Like flipping a website you need to offer a potential buyer something that they really want.  If you can get your hands on a two or three letter domain it will sell very easily no matter the letter combinations.  Nonsensical words or domains with too many letters and you will be hanging on to that forever.  Like any other product domains are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.  Here is how to find profitable domains.

In the early days of the internet domain buyers would pick up the name of a celebrity or a large company and hold onto it until that company came knocking and they could command big dollars for it.  That doesn’t work anymore now it results in a domain being removed after a legal dispute.  Don’t bother trying this it is a huge waste of your time and money.

Branded Domains

A domain that can be branded is worth a great deal of money.  Think of simple names like Etsy, Uber and Lyft.  By themselves they don’t mean much but now they are huge brand names in the online world.  Keyword domains are also extremely valuable, think of domains like or has changed hands several times and each time it sold for millions of dollars.

The keyword based domains will appeal the most to internet and affiliate marketers.  They don’t mind paying a premium for an exact match or partial match domain name.  They purchase domain names based around the keywords that they are targeting at the time.  While they aren’t going to pay thousands of dollars  you can definitely turn a profit on the $10 domain registration fee.

Domain flipping is something you can easily add as another source of income.  It doesn’t require you to quit your current job you can buy and sell domain names at any time of day.  The biggest difference between website and domain flipping is the amount of work you need to put it.  By simply domain flipping you don’t have to worry about building or maintaining a website.

Flipping Domains

Flipping Domains for Profit

Flipping Domains for Profit

If you’re looking for a way to generate some extra income online then one way to do so is to flip domains.  It allows you to keep your regular job and still make money on the side.  Once you grasp just how easy it is you’ll be amazed at how profitable it can actually be. If you are cunning about selecting the right domain names, and can keep expenses down by using

We all struggle to pay bills and an influx of cash is always welcome, flipping domains for profit is totally doable. If you keep expenses down by using freely available domain vouchers, as well an inexpensive providers for hosting, you can make your domain-flipping business into an insanely profitable venture. Click here for promotional codes.

Flipping Domains for Profit.

When you think of the term flipping you probably think of flipping houses for profit, like they do on all those real estate shows.  Essentially you find a house that needs a little TLC, fix it up and then sell it for a profit.  If you get really lucky you find a house that needs little to no work at all before you can sell it for a profit. Flipping domains is much the same only the house is virtual.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find a good domain name, register it and then sell it later on for a profit.  If you’re lucky enough to find a domain that has a website already built it can generate some income for you in the meantime.

Flipping a Website

Another option for making some money is to buy an existing website and create better content, install some advertising such and Google AdSense.  This makes it more attractive to any potential buyers.  This is just like house flipping, you take a weak domain make the right improvements and then go on to sell it for a profit.  Not only will you make a decent return on your investment, you can generate a few dollars while you own it.

Starting From Scratch

If you have the skill to build a website yourself, then buy a domain set up the site and once it is up and running sell off the site.  If you can find yourself a domain that has recently expired these are easy to build out and sell for a higher profit. You can sell them via auction and get several bidders competing to buy your website.

The Price

The price of buying a domain can vary greatly, some can be dirt cheap with prices being just a few dollars or they can sell for thousands of dollars.  You don’t have to rush out and buy a domain for thousands of dollars you can start off buying something that is within your budget.  As long as you can turn a profit, it’s a good deal.  With experience you will get better at finding undervalued domains and then you can move on to bigger purchases.