Flipping Domains

The Difference Between Website and Domain Flipping

The Difference Between Website and Domain Flipping

While you probably already know about flipping websites for profit, you may not be as familiar with flipping domains.  When you flip a website, normally the domain is included in the sale.  Domain flipping is different in that you just sell the domain with no accompanying website to go along with it. Sometimes you can even get lucky and register a domain rebate along with a hosting package that ends up selling for profit! While you may be skeptical there are some domains out there that sell for thousands of dollars.

What Makes a Profitable Domain

Like flipping a website you need to offer a potential buyer something that they really want.  If you can get your hands on a two or three letter domain it will sell very easily no matter the letter combinations.  Nonsensical words or domains with too many letters and you will be hanging on to that forever.  Like any other product domains are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.  Here is how to find profitable domains.

In the early days of the internet domain buyers would pick up the name of a celebrity or a large company and hold onto it until that company came knocking and they could command big dollars for it.  That doesn’t work anymore now it results in a domain being removed after a legal dispute.  Don’t bother trying this it is a huge waste of your time and money.

Branded Domains

A domain that can be branded is worth a great deal of money.  Think of simple names like Etsy, Uber and Lyft.  By themselves they don’t mean much but now they are huge brand names in the online world.  Keyword domains are also extremely valuable, think of domains like DIY.com or Sex.com.  Sex.com has changed hands several times and each time it sold for millions of dollars.

The keyword based domains will appeal the most to internet and affiliate marketers.  They don’t mind paying a premium for an exact match or partial match domain name.  They purchase domain names based around the keywords that they are targeting at the time.  While they aren’t going to pay thousands of dollars  you can definitely turn a profit on the $10 domain registration fee.

Domain flipping is something you can easily add as another source of income.  It doesn’t require you to quit your current job you can buy and sell domain names at any time of day.  The biggest difference between website and domain flipping is the amount of work you need to put it.  By simply domain flipping you don’t have to worry about building or maintaining a website.

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